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Last weekend, February Men’s Journal cover star James McAvoy hosted Saturday Night Live, and things got wild—half man, half goat wild. As a part of his hosting duties, he showed off his acting chops in five different sketches with the SNL cast, including a reprise of his role as Mr. Tumnus from The Chronicles of Narnia. Of course, he knocked it out of the park in each one.


McAvoy has always been a powerful presence on screen, and his ability to portray all kinds of characters (human and otherwise) definitely came in handy during the sketches. From an overhyped dog owner to a hardass American stepdad, this dude can really do it all. Check them out below.

“I Love My Dog”

People love dogs. But some people love them a little too much, like McAvoy in this hip-hop music video, who threatens to murder anyone who dares mess with his pooch.


“New Orleans Vacation”

“Hello my sexies” is how McAvoy’s character greets everyone in this sketch, so you know things are about to get weird. He plays one half of a couple that just got back from a life-changing, or perhaps life-slowing, vacation in the Big Easy. Side note: McAvoy is really good at accents.


“Mr. H”

Remember your favorite teacher from high school? The one who went out of his way to help you succeed and realize your potential? Let’s be clear: McAvoy’s Mr. H is not that teacher.

“Another Brothers”

In this hilarious sketch, McAvoy portrays a drawling American stepdad with two rowdy stepsons. He has a pretty unique brand of discipline for these two: A garden hose and a leaf blower. Yikes.

“Mr. Tumnus”

Here’s a throwback: McAvoy dons his goat suit from The Chronicles of Narnia and revisits the land beyond the wardrobe. But it’s not 2005 anymore, and his fans want to be more than friends.


And we’ll throw in one extra video. Here’s McAvoy’s monologue, and it’s definitely one to remember. He gave a nod to his Scottish roots by taking the stage with a kilt, and you’ll get to hear is real accent, which makes all the sketches above even more impressive.

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