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If a short glass of dark liquor, a seat at the bar, and some company to shoot the breeze with seems like your ideal night, then a whiskey society is summoning you to sign up. Membership to these exclusive clubs means you’ll always have some fine spirits to drink (many of which have won awards), and another whiskey fanatic to nerd out with about the complexity of each blend or single malt.

Located across the country—some nationally spread and others only serving locals—these establishments give you an insider’s look (and taste) of the whiskey world. Buy your entry to one of the clubs below (if you can), then sit back and enjoy the perks. You’ll never fall short on a new bottle of smooth small-batch whiskey or reasons to pour another glass.

A Brief Guide to Drinking Whiskey: Everything You Need to Know

Dark Arts Society, Breckenridge Distillery Meredith Austin Photo
Dark Arts Society
Location: Breckenridge, Co
Fee: $7,500/five years
The Dark Arts Lounge, located inside Breckenridge Distillery and clad with leather couches and whiskey lockers, is all yours when you sign up for a five-year relationship with this club. If you make a reservation ahead of time, you can even bring your friends. In addition to a space to drink and be merry, you also get plenty of high-class liquor to fill your glasses. Members receive nine bottles from award-winning Breckenridge Distillery every year, which includes experimental bottles and a special holiday release, all made specifically for club members. You can also dine-in at the Colorado distillery with membership discounts and complimentary bites from the chef, along with chocolate and caviar pairings. To top it off, you receive an engraved crystal decanter, barrel samplings, early access to spirit releases and more. It’s even more delicious (and fancy) than it sounds.

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