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In this tutorial, you’ll learn why Goodwill exists and how to calculate Goodwill in M&A deals and merger models – both simple and more complex/realistic scenarios.
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How To Calculate Goodwill In M&A Deals And Merger Models

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Hello and welcome to another tutorial video. As you can see this time round we’re going to go over how to calculate goodwill in M&A deals and murder models why it exists and show you a few simple examples of how this works. Now this one does not actually come directly from a reader or watch your question but it comes from the fact that I was looking at this channel the other day and I realized that we had videos on topics like negative goodwill or bargain purchases and also topics like purchase price allocation for non-controlling interests but we don’t have anything specifically on a former basic topic which is how to calculate goodwill in the first place. Also even though it’s a fairly basic topic we actually get a surprising number of questions about it despite the fact that there’s detailed coverage in our guides and courses. There are lots of articles on mine on Investopedia Wikipedia. Other sources like that. It still seems to cause a fair amount of confusion.

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