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We have heard of many incidents involving embarrassing job interviews, but the latest one could be the best of all. Laura MacLean, a 21-year-old Scottish student, showed up for a Microsoft job interview a full month early.
Here’s what happened at the Microsoft job interview
MacLean studies management and marketing at Robert Gordon University in the U.K. She has an interview with Microsoft’s University Recruitment team scheduled for Feb. 18. The job offered her the chance to work for a full year at the tech giant. However, she presumably botched it up by appearing for the Microsoft job interview a month before the scheduled date.
MacLean shared details about the incident online with screenshots of the emails she exchanged with the company. She also recounted the whole thing to BuzzFeed News. Here is what happened;

all dressed up ready n freaking out for my big skype interview with Microsoft and this happens. possibly the biggest noob on this planet hahahahaha if you don’t laugh you’ll cry
— laura maclean (@lauramacleann) January 18, 2019

MacLean said she mistakenly started preparing for her Microsoft job interview a month early, thinking her interview was a day away.
“I pride myself in being very prepared and an organized person,” she told BuzzFeed News when recounting the whole incident.
A full one-month before her scheduled Skype interview, or the day she thought was her interview day, MacLean logged into her Skype account and waited eagerly for the interview call from the recruiter. She started to panic when there was no call 15 minutes after the set time, so she decided to contact the recruitment team to ensure everything was in order.
She then fired off an email at the company, saying, “I haven’t received a Skype call yet for my interview? Just wondering if it’s working?”
She soon got this reply from the

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