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How much does your family value privacy and how well do you protect it? As kids live more and more of their lives online, they may not think about their privacy settings – or the privacy of their friends – when posting, sharing, checking in, etc. On this Data Privacy Day, here are four ways to help your family be privacy defenders in 2019.
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As consumers, citizens and voters, we’re all more aware than we’ve ever been of the value of data privacy and security. Big-name data breaches and leaks at Facebook, Marriott International, MyFitnessPal and many more last year remind us of the price we pay living connected lives. For every service or application we use and every product we buy online, a digital trail of our personal information is created. Much of this information we willingly give up, but some of it may be taken more covertly, allowing advertisers and other third-parties to build up worryingly accurate profiles of our digital lives.

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At Trend Micro, we’re keen to raise awareness and help individuals protect their privacy in an increasingly connected world. But what about your children? Without guidance and good examples to follow, kids may dive straight into the online world, unaware of the potential risks they may be taking with their own privacy and that of others. That’s where parents need to step in with some timely guidance. So, let’s

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