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Liberating iOS devices from Apple’s walled garden to enjoy a bunch of new features used to be a rage some time ago. But the Cupertino company has made it increasingly difficult for its users to jailbreak their devices. It has also added dozens of new features (mostly borrowed from jailbreaks) to iOS that were previously available only through jailbreak, giving people fewer reasons to liberate their devices. Many iPhone and iPad users have abandoned jailbreaking due to security concerns. But there are still hundreds of thousands of people eagerly waiting to jailbreak iOS 12 devices.
Devs making progress towards iOS 12 jailbreak
Developers and hackers have been working on iOS 12 jailbreaks since the Cupertino company rolled out the new software last year, but we haven’t yet seen a full-fledged public iOS  12 jailbreak. Soon after Apple released the iOS 12.1.3 to the public a few days ago, some developers have dropped hints that they have made significant progress in jailbreaking iOS 12.1.2.
So, if you haven’t upgraded to iOS 12.1.3 and want to liberate your device, you should consider staying on the 12.1.2 or older firmware. If you have already upgraded, downgrade to the 12.1.2 while Apple is still signing it. The tech giant could stop signing the older firmware anytime.
Brandon Azad, a developer well known within the jailbreak community, said in a tweet that people interested in bootstrapping iOS kernel security should “keep an A12 research device on iOS 12.1.2.” Alibaba security researcher Min ‘Spark’ Zheng responded to Brandon’s tweet by saying “looking forward to seeing iOS 12 JB.” Zheng has discovered many bugs and vulnerabilities in iOS software in the past.

If you’re interested in bootstrapping iOS kernel security research (including the ability to forge PACs and call arbitrary kernel functions), keep an A12 research device on iOS 12.1.2.

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