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50, 150, and 300 – Number of civilian nuclear power plants under construction, on order, and planned, respectively, which according to the World Nuclear Association are going to be looking for long-term Uranium contracts these coming decades.
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The bulk of these reactors are in the Asian region, and it’s expected, barring a major breakthrough in renewables, that Africa will get in on the action in due course of time.

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Back in May, 2007 I wrote about an interesting conversation I had with a speaker who was a proponent of the Climate Change theory, and a self-confessed disciple of Al Gore’s ‘An Inconvenient Truth’. Even back then it was evident that nuclear power would play a huge part in any conversation about carbon neutral power. Yes, that’s right I was high on Uranium back then, as I’m now.
Then came the Fukushima disaster, and most companies dealing with, mining for, and working with Uranium saw their stock plummet, I mean share prices crashed and burned, even marquis companies like Cameco lost 80% of their value, as for smaller and less well-known companies? In some cases like Skyharbour Resources, Denison Mines et al. prices went down as much as 90 to 97 percent.
Now however, nuclear power has started gaining traction once more, you have to keep in mind after the initial hysteria,

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