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Russian President Vladimir Putin’s trust rating in Russia has dropped to its lowest point since 2006. The poll conducted by the Russian state pollster Public Opinion Research Centre found that 33.4% of Russian citizens currently trust their President, according to reporting by Reuters.
However, President Putin’s approval rating currently sits at 63% and doesn’t present an electoral challenge for him as he won a new six-year term in March of last year. His re-election was met with calls of election fraud, as reports of individuals voting multiple times arose on election day. Putin’s critics and proponents of democracy also pointed to the convenient jailing of his main opposition Alexei Navalny months prior to the election.
What The Polling Means
“We know the Kremlin takes these figures incredibly seriously, so we should pay attention to them,” said Ben Noble, a Russian politics lecturer at University College London when speaking to Al Jazeera about the recent polls.
“Putin promised to make Russia great again [following economic turmoil in 1998]. To make it rise from the ashes of the Soviet Union and become a great power again by voicing Russia’s concerns on the international arena, Russia style,” said Mathieu Boulegue, a Russia and Eurasia research fellow at think-tank Chatham House said to Al Jazeera. “The Russian system can no longer deliver the social contract that was implicitly offered to the population when Putin came to power,” he also commented.
The polling suggests Russian citizens are beginning to put the blame of economic and social hardships at the feet of Putin instead of those associated with him. Forbes details the ongoing struggles of the Russian economy:
Western sanctions that began in 2014 due to Russia’s incursions into Ukraine hurt the economy, by Vladimir Putin’s own admission. The economy turned inward, relying less on imports the Russian state-sanctioned in

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