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This letter, by Green Builder Media CEO Sara Gutterman, gets to the heart of the frustration with backward-facing solutions for our environmental woes and suggests ideas the building industry–and country at large–should be embracing.
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Last week, I was a guest at a lovely corporate event in Phoenix, Ariz, during which I attended a session presented by a lead economist from well-known building industry publishing and data company.
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The economist offered a variety of interesting insights and financial projections: he anticipates a short-term pricing correction in the housing industry, shifting the market in the buyer’s favor.  He expects that the recent lowering of interest rates was only temporary, and that those rates will continue to increase over the coming year.
He also expressed grave concern over our crumbling infrastructure, and he ardently asserted that the explosion of the national debt is the greatest threat to the long-term health of our economy.
He hinted at a grand solution to address the ballooning debt crisis that he plans to reveal at the upcoming Design & Construction Week: flood the market with oil, bring down gas prices, and use the money for infrastructure projects.
The moment the words came out of his mouth, my heart sank.  “No, no, NO,” I screamed silently to myself.  And as I sat frozen in disbelief, all I could think of was that humanity simply cannot survive such a plan.
I felt scared. Then angry.  How could this intelligent man possibly be so out of touch, so removed from our current environmental realities?   How could he conceivably stand in front of a group of educated business professionals touting a 20th century solution to support our out-of-control fossil fuel addiction, when we have access to such a robust spectrum of clean energy solutions and advanced sustainable technologies?  Is he

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