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Mario Gabelli, The Gabelli Funds founder and chairman, joins ‘Fast Money Halftime Report’ team to discuss the mid-day markets amid U.S-China trade tensions.
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Mario Gabelli Is Not Concerned About Slowdown In Growth; Strong Global Economy In 2020

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My own reaction is simple we get some cloudiness whether it’s the Berlin Wall the Great Wall or some wall and you’ve got to slow down. But when you look out. To the third quarter. We’re here now let’s say in September looking into Q1 of 20 20. The numbers are going to be very easy. I think they solve the Chinese problem when they move ahead. So the shutdown is behind us the economy is going to be looking extraordinarily strong. Cap ex infrastructure spending I think is going to get approved because of what happened in Genoa. You cannot be a bank. It’s a House of Representatives or Congress Senator that says we’re not putting an infrastructure. You have a bridge fall down particularly before an election. And so I kind of look at the you know kind of grinding our way through the next three or four months and looking into the second half when I think the markets are quite well. So on the economy you say it’s going to be incredibly

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