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Smooth Gaming‘ is a new column to ValueWalk which will discuss various aspects of the video game industry. From AAA titles, business aspects, and independent developers who often go under-reported. ‘Smooth Gaming’ will take a multi-pronged look at the world of gaming. This week we discuss freshman Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s weekend journey into gaming.
Gamers and the video game industry haven’t always had a ‘friendly’ relationship with politicians in the United States. The height of tension between the parties probably came in 2005 when then-Senator Hillary Clinton proposed the ‘Family Entertainment Protection Act‘ which attempted to ‘reign in’ sexuality and violence in video games. Clinton and politicians supporting the bill attempted to use children as a selling point, claiming it was easy for children to both purchase and play games clearly marketed towards adult audiences. Part of the bill summary follows:
El Borde [CC BY 3.0]‘
Authorizes the FTC to conduct: (1) and publicize the results of an annual secret audit of businesses to determine how frequently minors who attempt to purchase video games with a Mature, Adults-Only, or Rating Pending rating are able to do so successfully; and (2) an investigation into embedded content in video games that can be accessed through a keystroke combination, pass-code, or other technological means to estimate certain data about video games with embedded content.
Expresses the sense of Congress that whenever the FTC determines that the content of a video game is inconsistent with the rating given to such game, it shall take appropriate action under its authority to regulate unfair or deceptive acts or practices in or affecting commerce.
Oddly enough, Clinton did not propose legislation directed towards the movie or television industry, which frequently features sexuality and violence in a similar fashion.
Good times, right? Please note the sarcasm.
As Bob Dylan once sung, ‘The Times They Are

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