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Every successful person knows that success is a result of hard work. It doesn’t just happen to anyone. To attain success, you must be prepared to put in maximum effort and make the necessary sacrifices along the way. In attempting to create a successful and sustainable mobile app business, you must first understand that there is no secret formula or growth-hacking trick that can push your app into the limelight. In fact, it is the finer details that matter the most.

You’ll at least need to know the basics of app creation if you are approaching the app business as an entrepreneur, to then be able to deliver users an experience that outshines other apps in the same niche.

The focus of your app building should be strategised, as the app itself has the potential to make or break your efforts at owning a successful product. The following components are essential if you want to build a successful app.

Focus on creating value in your app

The importance of creating value can never be overstated. Customers are always looking for value and will be glad to pay accordingly, whether your app is an original idea or an enhanced version of an already existing one. If you provide a great solution to a pesky problem, then be sure that your app will find its following in no time. So, identify a problem and find an innovative solution, then find your audience. Your app should be created with your target audience demographic in mind. The totality of the design, coupled with the look and feel of your app, should be irresistible to the target customer. Your app should be easily navigable and intuitive to reduce the learning curve for your audience. That is, it should have a great UX.

Give your app an intrinsic ability to go viral

It’s the age of Social Media and people want to be the first to share something great. You need to incorporate the ability for your app to go viral in its design and function. That way, once a user is sold on your app, he or she will recruit more users in order to to enjoy the app even more. This will turn your loyal clients into unwitting marketers for your app. Take a look at any of the successful Social Media apps – Facebook, Google+ and others. The more people users have in their network, the more enjoyable the app is.

Consider cross-platform use

The iOS might have been a great introduction into the mobile apps ecosystem, but now, Android dominates about 85% market share in most parts of the world. Having your app on more than one platform means that you don’t exclude any portion of your potential market. The wider your reach, the more successful you are likely to be. You can start with the largest platform in your region, but don’t write-off those with a smaller number of users.

Focusing on a niche could set you up for success

Niche businesses can be daunting, because the market is smaller and more specialised. When focusing on a niche, you won’t face as much competition as in the larger markets. Customers will also be willing to pay more for an app that caters to their specific niche, as they understand the importance of the services you provide. A niche app is interesting in the sense that you do not need large-volume downloads to be successful, due to the fact that you can charge more per download of your app. So, don’t ever be tempted to dismiss an app because it is particularly specific.

Don’t underestimate the power of marketing

Managing to get your app into the hands (and phones) of your target customers is largely reliant on your marketing efforts. It can easily make or break the success of your app. Your app marketing is probably the most challenging part of being an app entrepreneur. If you aren’t skilled in Digital Marketing, the variety of options available to you can get a bit confusing, especially when you are in the early stages of promoting your app.

A good strategy might be to take advantage of as many channels as possible in the beginning, and use data analysis to determine what channels produce the best results. This is probably the best way to gain insight and create a successful marketing campaign.

Your app needs its custom domain

A custom domain name makes your app more accessible. Also, having a website where people can download your app and get other information about it is most certainly beneficial to you. It also enables your app to be ranked and displayed as a search engine return. You would need to use a domain name registrar to register your app’s custom domain, so that your app has its own address. On the registrar’s website, you may need to search for domain names if you don’t already have one or the one you wanted to register is unavailable. Having a custom domain contributes to your app marketing efforts and your app’s overall success.

Keep your app responsive

Scalability is an important feature of any app that wants to be successful. A scalable app is flexible and adaptive. Customers want to be heard, so making changes in your app – in response to popular demand – will make your following even more loyal. It also encourages repeated use of your app by purchasers, because they know they will get an enhanced experience with continued use of your app.

Everybody likes free stuff!

You are first and foremost an entrepreneur and can’t feasibly give away free stuff all the time. However, a strategy that has been proven to work is to start out free and then transition to ‘paid app’ status once you have built a loyal following. An alternative is to have a free version that offers ‘in app’ purchases. When doing this, people are more likely to give your app a trial, so offer the first few days, weeks or months free. If you have created value, then you can be sure not to lose any customers when it is time to pay.

Building a successful app business is not as easy as it sounds, but like the saying goes, “Success comes to those who persevere.” So, be prepared for a slow start, but expect things to pick up soon if you have set the right foundations in place.

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