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Fitness and outdoors enthusiasts are always looking for the next best accessory to improve their workouts and to hold them accountable in their fitness goals. With so many new trending fitness classes and so many different possibilities for outdoor adventure, it can be difficult shopping for the perfect gift for the fitness or outdoors guru on your list. Here are a few gift ideas for those who love to stay active.

A Good Water Bottle

Many fitness lovers will tell you that there is no such thing as too many water bottles. It can be easy to accidentally forget them somewhere, and there is nothing worse than showing up to the gym with no water. Having a few spares that you can count on is a lovely thing. A favorite among those on the go is the Hydro Flask water bottle. Hydro Flask offers many different sizes and colors of their bottles, allowing you to customize it for the person you are shopping for. The bottles are stainless steel and vacuum insulated, keeping cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot for hours.

Waterproof Socks

It might seem overlooked, but waterproof socks can make all the difference for those who spend time outdoors. Whether jogging in an unexpected storm, hiking or competing in the next Spartan Race, waterproof socks are an essential item for staying keeping your feet dry, warm, and safe. Showers Pass specializes in creating all-weather gear that not only keeps you safe in inclement weather but is comfortable as well. Their waterproof socks are made with three layers of water-resistant, breathable materials including one layer of Merino Wool. They’ll keep you dry, comfortable, and ready for the next adventure.

A Foam Roller

Foam rollers are one of those products that many want but never think about purchasing for themselves. They are useful for practically any active person. Sore and stiff muscles are common with any type of workout, which is where a foam roller can come in handy. You can find many different styles and shapes of foam rollers, but this TriggerPoint roller is especially popular to ease tense muscles. It is specifically designed for muscle recovery and is recommended by massage therapists, coaches, and trainers.


Most fitness and outdoors enthusiasts take care and consideration to what they are fueling their bodies with. A NutriBullet is a small blender that makes a great gift for the health conscious person. Extract the most from your fruits and veggies, add in some protein powder, and you have an easy meal on the go. With many different styles available, there is a NutriBullet available to meet the needs of any active person on your shopping list.