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As the fall season rolls in and the leaves begin to change color, it brings in new and fun activities to try. The best destination for all the fall fun is Salem, Massachusetts, which is rich with history and spooky stories. For anyone on the hunt for historic hauntings and beautiful autumn sceneries, look no further:
Salem Witch Museum
Salem has always been known for the infamous Salem Witch Trials. The Salem Witch Museum takes its guests through the town’s history of witchcraft and the theory in general. Explore how witches have been perceives over the years, “from midwives and healers to witch hunts and Wiccans,” and learn more about how the witch trials changed a town forever. As Salem’s most popular museum, there is so much for guests to learn and experience. Not only do they offer interesting, educational and spooky information, there is also a fun gift shop to pick up a souvenir.
Lighthouse and Foliage Cruise
As a town rich in history and spooks, it is also rich in beautiful sceneries and views. Fall is the perfect time to take a lighthouse and foliage cruise across the storied waters of Salem. There are two popular tours to choose from:  Lighthouse & Foliage tour and the Haunted Happenings Harbor Cruise. Each tour offers a full bar and grill aboard. Lighthouse & Foliage tour is two hours long around the Salem Sound and offers narration of the scenic tour. The Haunted Happenings is 90 minutes full of face painting, fortune telling, scary stories and so much more.
Cry Innocent: The People Versus Bridget Bishop
Experience history first-person with the Cry Innocent: The People Versus Bridget Bishop trial. Travel back in time to 1692 when Bridget Bishop was accused of witchcraft and witness her trail. Guests will be included in the trial as the Puritan jury where they will question witnesses, overview the evidence and ultimately come to a verdict. This is one of Salem’s most popular fall activity. Not only do guests learn about the town’s infamous history, but they are also able to experience it first-hand.
Ghost Tours
While the weather is still hanging on to a bit of warmth, take outside tours to check out the colorful foliage and the most haunted spots in Salem. Salem offers many ghost tours around the town to take guests through graveyards, haunted houses and more. One of the most popular ghost tour is the Haunted Footsteps Ghost Tour. Licensed ghosts guides combine captivating storytelling and macabre humor to present the haunted history of Salem. On nightly tours, guests are taken through the chilling and true ghost stories of Salem, and the hauntings that still take place to this day.