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With an average height and weight of 16 inches, 20 pounds with a smooshed face is America’s true gentleman, the Boston Terrier. Referred to as America’s Gentleman due to its tuxedo coat, Boston Terriers are quirky, lively companions. These pups are known for their small, muscular bodies and their loving, big personalities. Boston Terriers were not always bred to be lovers, though. Originally crossbred to fight in 19th century, Boston Terriers have evolved to be spunky, friendly, little dogs. They are most often found in color combinations of white with black, brindle, or dark brown. They have short tails, pointy ears, and big round eyes. The breed became well known in 1891 when The Boston Terrier Club of America was formed. Two years later the breed was recognized by AKC. Today the breed lives up to its namesake by being the state dog of Massachusetts and the official mascot of Boston University.
Here is what to know if you are thinking about being a Boston Terrier owner.
They are a bit like Goldilocks when it comes to temperatures. Boston Terriers have short noses and somewhat smooshed faces. While this is extremely cute, it can cause breathing problems. For this reason, they can be susceptible to heat stroke easier than their long-nosed companions. Make sure to keep an eye on these pooches while they are outside playing on a hot day. Conversely, they also have a short coat, which is great for grooming purposes, but also means they can get cold quickly. Temperature preferences aside, they are very active dogs and need regular outdoor exercise to stay happy.
They can live in most sized homes, and work great for apartments. Become of their smaller size and low grooming requirements, Boston Terriers make great pets. They behave well with families and children and are also great for seniors. They can be rowdy, but with the right training, they will be eager to please your commands. It is worth mentioning that they can be a little sensitive, so incorporating consistency and a little motivation into the training is key for these outgoing dogs.
They will live 11-13 years on average, and longer if healthy. Common health problems are sometimes found in the breeds big eyes and short snout. Regularly having their eyes checked and paying attention to their breathing habits is vital to their health.
Overall, Boston Terriers have unique personalities that set them apart from other dogs. Their spunky attributes paired with their low grooming requirements and small bodies make them an ideal choice of pet for someone of every age.