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*Note: I am not a registered investment advisor nor a stock professional.  These are just stocks I own that I think have upside based on my hobby of investing in the market. I’m not responsible for any losses. These are just ideas for you to research and consider if you like playing the stock market. Consult with your wealth advisor as appropriate.
#5 NIKE (Ticker symbol = NIKE)
Nike is at a 52 week high, currently trading at about $82 a share. Someone once told me to invest in the companies that you spend money on. I’ve always been a Nike guy, and feel strongly they have the highest quality product and style when compared to their competitors. Many of the stock gurus think the stock has room to grow and have recently raised the price target to $93. When the economy is growing as it has combined with the extra money people have in their paycheck, I think the sneaker and athletic wear company will continue to be the industry leader. The stock is up 27.5% so far this year, and I think it still has some room to grow.
#4 HomeDepot (Ticker symbol = HD)
People tend to start home improvement projects when the economy is good. The economy is booming. While the housing market, in general, is not having a great year, Home Depot has posted some impressive financials year to date. While they expected same-store sales to grow by 6.6%, they landed at an 8% increase. The stock is currently trading at about 202 dollars, near the 52 week high but investment professionals seem to be bullish on the stock.
#3 ETF Managers TR Prime CYBR SCRTY (Ticker symbol = HACK)
I always like to invest in a few ETFs that focus on industries that I think will continue to grow. Cybersecurity and data protection is an industry that has only one way to go, and that is up. This is a conservative way to invest in the industry. The stock has gone up 37% in the last 52 weeks and 25% this year alone. Cybersecurity is consistently noted as a top priority for companies, and it will only grow as we continue to see stories daily about cyber hacks and new data management laws come into effect.
#2 Amazon (Ticker Symbol = AMZN)
Everyone knows Amazon is a great stock, as its currently trading at $1,919 as I write this blog post. Some of my friends have noted they think they missed the boat on this and that they don’t want to chase the stock. Understood. But, does anyone really see the company moving backward? Using Amazon for purchases has become almost the default way people buy household items, birthday gifts, electronics, food and other life essentials. While it’s tough to see them drive many small businesses out of business, it’s the reality of today’s world we live in. People will pay for the convenience and trustworthiness of Amazon, and I see the stock continuing to grow. Don’t be scared by the high price, consider buying some with your 401k instead of focusing all on mutual funds.
#1 Paypal (Ticker Symbol = PYPL)
I bought this stock years ago when I first learned about Venmo back around $40 a share. It’s doubled in the time since. We live in a cashless society these days, and now the younger generation has become so comfortable with this applications like Venmo that they have turned the name into a verb. The stock is currently trading around 89 dollars, near its 52 week high, but I think it has room to reach the $100 mark in the next six months.
These are five stocks I currently have in my portfolio that you may want to consider!