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With its numerous ski towns scattered throughout the mountains, Colorado does not fall short with its selection of great skiing locations. Sticking out in the abundance of ski towns and resorts is the town of Breckenridge. Located at the base of the Rocky Mountains Tenmile range, Breckenridge has continually landed at the top of must ski destinations, and for a good reason. Between its rich history, charming downtown, and tall slopes, Breckenridge seems to have it all.
As the largest historic district in Colorado, Breckenridge’s charm dates back to its past as a mining town during the gold rush. The town was founded in 1859 after gold was discovered at a local river. As the town grew to be a prominent mining center, more attractions began to appear alongside schools, houses, churches and general stores. Walking downtown today you can still see charming Victorian-era houses and buildings scattered throughout the abundance of art galleries, shops, and restaurants.
Skiing on the legendary slopes in Breckenridge is a highlight to any novice or expert skiers travels. With five tall slopes providing a picturesque backdrop to the town, your choice of a trail is one out of 187. If you’re new to skiing, you can rent gear and sign up for lessons. The Ski Resort also offers tours of the mountain, along with comprehensive guides of each of the five peaks. With over thousands of acres and North America’s tallest chairlift, you’ll be in a skiers paradise.
When you’ve had enough of the cold wind in your face and the inevitable crash landings, Breckenridge locals and visitors alike love the apres scene found throughout the town. If your new to skiing, apres basically refers to the gathering of friends after a long day on the slopes. Restaurants and bars offer hot drinks, food, and brews to warm up with.  It’s a great time to meet new friends and share laughter and stories from your day.
The amenities and hospitality found in the town of Breckenridge and its resort are warm and welcoming. Whether you are looking for adventure, to partake in local art and cultural events, or to simply enjoy the lovely shops and restaurants pickled throughout the main streets, Breckenridge should be moved to the top of your must-ski places of the winter.