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Matthew Prinn

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Matthew Prinn resides in the North End neighborhood of Boston, which is known for its great Italian food and its picturesque view of the harbor.  Matthew Prinn enjoys spending time with his four nephews and his niece who always make things interesting! Matthew Prinn is also a lover of animals, with a special affection for dogs, none more than his Boston Terrier Bishop. Matthew Prinn also likes the surrounding neighborhoods Charlestown, Seaport, West End and Downtown Crossing. 

Matthew is a die-hard sports fan and closely follows the Patriots, Celtics, Red Sox and Bruins. Beyond the professional sports teams, he also roots for his alma mater, the Boston College Eagles. Matthew Prinn spent 12 years managing a luxury suite at Fenway Park. Matthew Prinn managed the box and facilitated the use of the box to host clients, prospects and charitable organizations. The box was the perfect place to network with clients and prospects. Matthew Prinn published an article in Law360 on tips on how to best use sporting tickets to drive revenue. The full version of the article can be found on Matthew Prinn’s LinkedIn profile

Matthew Prinn picked a lucky time to be living in Boston. An unprecedented run of championships have taken place, noted by the following highlight videos.

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Red Sox


One of Matthew’s passions is the fitness industry and staying active with the latest trends and technologies in working out and staying healthy. Matthew Prinn works out at Beantown Bootcamp under the direction of one of Boston’s best trainers John Wayman.


Another hobby of Matthew Prinn’s is photography. He has photographed weddings, corporate events (including an exclusive fundraiser for former President Barack Obama on the eve of his DNC speech) and his own personal adventures. Matthew Prinn is an avid traveler and loves to document his memories via photography.

Lastly, another one of Matthew’s passions is his love for the water and the boating environment. Mr. Prinn enjoys spending time on the water with friends and family.